Hendricks - Roaring 20's - Nov 2012

 Raking in the dough! 

 Who you lookin' at ?!?!?!

A.L. 283 - Halloween 2009

I knew I shouldn't have drunk that lemonaide!

River City Singles Club April 1st

Cables everywhere...a stagehand's nightmare!

Dave...Happy to be here as always!

Stan teaching Shirley how to fly....

President Barbara

Smilin' James....hittin' on someone out there...

Must be a Waltz....Bob is sitting down!

Orange Park Dance Club - June 2009
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Here's Barbara at the St. Patty's Day dance. Everyone was green with envy! 

Ed, Master of Ceremonies and his pal, ready to kick things off! 

Now that's what I call Irish!

Now how's the Holy Ghost supposed to get in there?!?!?

Not now lady, I'm late for... for... Now where the heck was I going? Let's see now robe, red underwear ... Oh what the hell, want to dance?

Come back here you..., you..., you beast! (I think I love him.)

He's still got it after all these years.

And even Maxine made an appearance at the gala event! Simply stunning in her pink chiffon!   

She found her man for the evening, and it's a good thing too 'cause he was on Kingsley Ave. looking for the beach!

Workin' it out!

One of the bands' many fans!! 

So happy to be here! And now we know why !!!

Hey, who's singing?

Give him a break, he's trying!

I don't care what that is Bob, keep settin' up the equipment! 

So serious!

Yeah Bobby, tell me 'bout it!

Wait till you get their age. Won't seem so funny then!

I wonder if they like this song as much as I do?

What a couple of hams!

I'm gonna get a burger when we're done!

and the microphone smells like a beer ...

There's Bob looking dapper in his Derby!

Bob knew he'd be famous one day!

We're a little fuzzy on this song!

Hendricks July 2009

You can always tell when it's time for their meds!

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